Safe Haven Hypnotherapy Mildura

Brand design & strategy

About the brand:  Safe Haven offers hypnotherapy for a range of issues including, phobias, habit control, anxiety, stress relief, weight loss, smoking, trauma, pain management and personal development. Safe Haven also encompasses hypnobirthing classes. The clinic is a homely place that offers compassion – A safe place for positive transformations.

The branding was crafted to feel inspiring and welcome people to a safe, compassionate place.


Colours: The turquoise is safe and compassionate and the purple represents self-empowerment.


Logo: The logo communicates coming to a safe haven, a place of transformation & empowerment.

It tells the story of going deep within and making changes at a subconscious you can navigate your world from a place of true freedom and empowerment. A place where you can  feel at home, connect with your internal compass, find your best self and emerge empowered.

Regardless of where you are at on your journey, you will be met with compassion and acceptance whilst being supported to be your best you.

The location pin represents the safe container where one can feel supported to go deep into their subconscious to create lasting changes. It also depicts support for one’s own personal journey from here to there and the curly bits in between embracing the power of here and now.

At the centre of the location, pin is a heart, this represents being heart centred, compassionate and judgment-free. To represent going within it the heart is embossed. The heart is what makes the location icon not just a haven but a home. A place where you can find love within yourself regardless of your conditioning.

The map of the location pin depicts going within and coming out again transformed. The turquoise underneath the rings looks like ripples – the ripples created when change occurs at a subconscious level. It also represents our subconscious patterns that create our map of the world and with hypnotherapy, we can learn to navigate life in a state of empowerment not a monkey mind of victim-hood.

Tagline: The tagline “Your journey to self-empowerment” was developed as it succinctly represents ones own personal journey of going within, making transformations and finding true empowerment in oneself.

Messaging: An aspect of the branding is a lotus flower as it is a powerful metaphor for growth and transformation.

It is seen as a magical flower for it is rooted in mud, surrounded by water and somehow finds a way to bloom and grow. 

A lotus is a survivor, it pushes its way through muddy waters and finds the sunlight. As the bud hits the surface of the water and drinks in the sunlight, a single petal opens, signifying an achievement.  Often times in our busy lives we overlook the smallest achievements. 


Each petal that opens is an achievement of survival, life and opportunity. A lotus has strength and beauty, it is able to overcome all of its environmental obstacles and show the world its beauty.


The centre of the flower is open and clear with the text.

“inhale courage

exhale doubt”

This is a powerful affirmation helpful in many challenging situations.  The centre of the lotus is clear and open while the outside is messy, this is because when we are in a state of self-empowerment, regardless of what is happening in the outside world, with hypnosis we can be calm, centred and empowered from within.


Part of the messaging developed for the client were the words YOU CAN DISCOVER YOUR BEST SELF.
But inside CAN & DISCOVER are phrases spoken in an active tense like “rewind the clock on addiction” When we speak in an active way we inspire action having a pictorial representation is also helpful for a lot of people too. 


Safe Haven Hypnotherapy is a new venture in Mildura, they were an absolute pleasure to work with and we appreciated the trust they left in Whisk Creative to Illuminate, Activate and Deliver marketing solutions.