Red Cliffs Community Resource Centre

Brand development & digital marketing

About the organisation: The purpose of the brand is to assist the community to grow and flourish. This is done by offering a range of training, activities, support and resources. RCCRC is about bringing people together, empowering people to be the best they can be and possibly making a positive contribution to society. The centre accepts people from all backgrounds and realises the potential social inclusion can have for community members. They also offer room hire available for community members to host activities.

Logo development: The elements that make up the RCCRC logo represent people from all different backgrounds accepting each other and coming together, meeting at the centre. This is represented with 5 people all different colours with their arms reached out connecting to each other linked by the centre. Each person is capable, independent and heart centred.

The heart that makes up the centre of each person has been derived from the Neighbourhood houses Victoria logo because RCCRC falls under their umbrella of services.

What RCCRC does is take the heart component from the house and puts it into the people in the community.

This represents the purpose of RCCRC to empower people in the community to be the best that they can be through a range of activities and courses. We see in the logo that each person is full of heart, arms reached out embracing the next and meeting in the middle to form a unity. A circle also represents movement and the positive change that can happen if we all work together.

Each person in the circle is capable, independent and heart centred but it is in coming together that the traction of great things can be achieved for each person and the community as a whole.

The logo design was executed in collaboration with Sunnyland Press.

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Messaging & website design.

Website purpose: The purpose of the website is to:

– Create a professional front for the organisation.

– Be a hub of resources and information for the red cliffs community and surrounds.

– Get registrations for events and activities

– Gain insights into the needs of the community

The demographic of people that use the site is diverse, the common denominator that unites users is that they are interested in community connection, wanting to better themselves, needing support or wanting to give to the community. The site has been designed to be inclusive by writing in plain English and including videos and visual story telling that can be understood by any reading level.

Storyline: We crafted 5 offerings that Red Cliffs Community Resource Centre give to the community:

Building community connections, creating social inclusion, empowering people through adult education, transforming a vibrant sustainable community & sharing skills & resources.

These offerings were placed around the logo image and then expanded on throughout the home page.

The site is image-heavy and the visuals tell a story in themselves. Feelings conjured up by the images are feelings like connected, community, working together, belonging, happiness and hope.

Containers encapsulating the images and 5 offerings are curved. A play of curved lines is also featured throughout the site. This gives a sense of softness flow and motion of “bringing the community together”. The softness of a not for profit giving back to the community.

To contrast the bright colours of the logo we incorporated background images of neutral textures of things like paint strokes, paper fibres or wood shavings. Using a selection of different textures represents people from all different backgrounds coming together. 

The site relates to people on a human level and is designed to look grassroots and has a bit of a hand made feel. This represents the down to earth community nature of the organisation.

Red Cliffs Community Resource Centre has now employed Whisk Creative to integrate email marketing and social media content into the mix.


We love working with Red Cliffs Community Resource Centre and are always inspired by their positive energy.

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