How we increased investments and engagements through marketing and advertising.

Red Cliffs Community Resource Centre


Red Cliffs Community Resource Centre is a not-for profit community centre who had a very plain and unprofessional logo and brand identity. Their mission had been decided “Providing resources and facilities for a vibrant sustainable community” they needed their marketing and advertising to articulate their mission and attract quality investments and engagements. During Covid they also needed a platform to promote and transact events and activities.

Main Goals

Create a meaningful brand.

Goal 1 Desciption

Attract funding & increase engagement.

Goal 2 Description

Promote & transact events & activities.

Goal 3 Description


In 2014 Krystal Torney from Whisk Creative consulted with Red Cliffs Community Centre to envision and create a new logo and brand identity.

The elements that make up the RCCRC logo represent people from all different backgrounds accepting each other and coming together, meeting at the centre. This is represented with 5 people all different colours with their arms reached out connecting to each other linked by the centre.

The heart that makes up the centre of each person has been derived from the Neighbourhood houses Victoria logo because RCCRC falls under their umbrella of services. What RCCRC does is take the heart component from the house and puts it into the people in the community.

This represents the purpose of RCCRC to empower people in the community to be the best that they can be through a range of activities and courses. We see in the logo that each person is full of heart, arms reached out embracing the next and meeting in the middle to form a unity. A circle also represents movement and the positive change that can happen if we all work together.

Each person in the circle is capable, independent and heart centred but it is in coming together that the traction of great things can be achieved for each person and the community as a whole.

In 2020 the client came back to Krystal looking for website with a booking system to promote and transact events and activities. The website also needed to granulate and articulate the purpose of the organisation in order to secure government funding and community investment & engagements.

Core messaging was created by Krystal that articulated 5 key benefits that RCCRC gives to the community.
These offerings were granulated and communicated throughout the website and other marketing material and consisted of:

1. Building community connections
2. Creating social inclusion
3. Empowering people through adult education
4. Transforming a vibrant sustainable community
5. Sharing skills & resources.

With the help of a web developer a website was created with eventbrite integration to promote and transact events as well as provide a professional front for the organisation. A year later the client decided that a monthly newsletter communicating events and updates was the best way to engage their cohort, so Whisk Creative assists them with in producing and distributing this newsletter.

A recent ad that Whisk Creative has delivered was for volunteers week in Sunraysia Daily. The ad was briefed to be a thank you to volunteers for their contributions. Whisk Creative took a different spin and focused solely on the benefits of volunteering and engaging with the centre.


Since Whisk Creative have been assisting RCCRC with their marketing, the organisation has experienced excessive government funding that has allowed the client to give more value back to the community.

Generous donations have been received including an anonymous $10,000 donation after Whisk designed a new brand and campaign for a Grow & Share program.

Quality volunteers have been attracted to the Centre and their lives enhanced by the opportunities provided.

Community participation in events has proven the marketing outputs to be a success.

“We knew we needed to update our website and
improve our marketing but didn’t know where to start. Krystal worked with us to realise our vision and potential in developing a user friendly website and to assist with further marketing. This was all done in a timely, friendly and patient manner. Highly recommend.”

Joanne Farrell
RCCC Executive Officer

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