How we built a website that improved customer experience

Irymple Hub


Irymple Hub is a shopping centre that is the heart of its small local community. They had a generic website outdated website that needed to be more personalised and customer-focused. Retail stores were not ranking well and lacked value from the site. The old site communicated the product (shopping centre) but failed to show the benefit of shopping at Irymple Hub. Bounce rates were high, and leads needed to be increased.
The Client came to Whisk Creative to revamp the website and make it more attractive to customers.

Main Goals

Promote Irymple Hub

Promoting Irymple Hub and ensuring retailers rank highly in search engines.

Inform Customers

Important information about the shopping centre needed to be easy to find and understand.


Consultation with retailers and customers proved that convenience was the biggest drawcard to the shopping centre. The tagline “Easy Living – Irymple Hub ” was created to translate this value.

Generic stock images were replaced with imagery of people enjoying the benefits of the Hub. In addition, the wording throughout the site was centred on Easy living – easy to park, meet people, shop, access, and so on.

The feel of the site has transformed from cold and generic to warm and welcoming. Stores are easy to navigate and are optimised to rank high in search results for relevant keywords. Important information about the centre is also easy to find and understand.

With little stress, customers can go to the site and quickly learn about opening hours, available services, amenities and more.

A signup form was integrated into the site, and along with the launch of the site Whisk Creative ran a competition that built a database for Irymple Hub.

Website design mildura irymple


Customer experience on the site has increased as they can easily understand the benefit of the shopping centre and effortlessly find the centre information they need. Both the client and the nine retailers are happy with the site and have reported greater visibility.

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