How to work with a Marketing Agency and get the best results

Marketing relationships

When you work with a Marketing Agency, they want results as much as you do. So how do you collaborate and get the best results from your Marketing Agency?


To help you build a solid foundation to ignite magic with your marketing agency, we have put together a few tips:


1. Choose the right marketing partner:

Choosing the right marketing agency is a critical decision. Your agency will become an extension of your business, so it’s essential to select one that aligns with your values and culture. Seek an agency willing to immerse themselves in your industry, empathise with your challenges, and offer fresh perspectives tailored to your specific needs.

Find an agency that ignites collaboration while pushing your boundaries. Does the thought of brainstorming ideas with them excite you, and would you be comfortable with them challenging your perspectives?


2. Have defined roles, expectations and accountability:

Marketing has many moving parts and it is important to identify early on who is responsible for what.
An agency like Whisk Creative can either project manage all of your marketing, assist with individual deliveries or act as a consultant/support person for your internal marketing team.

For the relationship to function smoothly it is important to clarify:

  • Who is responsible for what task
  • What are the expectations for each role
  • Preferred communication methods


It is vital that all parties are responsive and work together. It is almost impossible to get anything done when someone delays getting information to the agency or gives information that sends them off in the wrong direction.


3. Set clear goals and scope of work:

When working with a marketing agency, setting clear goals and defining the scope of work is vital for a successful partnership. Begin by identifying specific, measurable goals that align with your overall marketing objectives. Clearly communicate these goals, ensuring everyone agrees and is working towards a common vision.

Next, establish a well-defined scope of work. Outline the specific deliverables, timelines, and any budget constraints. Regularly review and reassess your goals and scope of work as needed, allowing for flexibility and adjustments as your business evolves.

By setting clear goals and defining the scope of work, you establish a solid foundation for collaboration, ensuring that both you and the agency are working towards achieving remarkable results.


4. Nurture the relationship:

View your marketing agency as an essential business partner and prioritise open communication. Staying on the same page is crucial for both the relationship and the results. Always respond promptly and clearly share your thoughts and insights. Don’t expect agencies to be mind readers. A marketing agency like Whisk Creative will always seek clarity and get a sign off before starting a project. While this may seem time-consuming, it’s crucial for understanding your vision and delivering work that meets your expectations.


5. Drive results by putting strategy first:

Marketing is a mix of art and science. Behind every creative choice lies a wealth of research, experience, and industry knowledge. Brand designers, copywriters and marketing specialists have years of training and experience that guides their choices.

Whilst it’s tempting to jump on the latest trends, it is important to ask yourself why?. Is it customer focused or ego driven? What is the bigger strategy and what results are you hoping to achieve.

True strategy involves informed decisions backed by insights and the right tactics. Success lies in aligning stories with channels, partners, and touchpoints that resonate with customers.

To reignite strategic focus, remember these steps: start with clear goals, identify real problems, consider all stakeholders, nurture comprehensive insights and optimise as you go.


marketing STRATEGY


6. Give proactive feedback and learn:

The crux of marketing is psychology and learning. Be curious about why something is and isn’t working and give solution-focused feedback. Be open to learning the psychology behind consumer behaviour and why marketers use the methods they do.


7. Monitor and measure success:

Tracking and measuring success is essential for optimising marketing campaigns. Establish key metrics and regularly review performance. Leverage the agency’s expertise in analyzing campaign data and generating insightful reports. Make data-driven decisions and be ready to adjust strategies as needed to improve results. By monitoring and measuring success, you can continuously refine your marketing efforts and achieve optimal outcomes.

Make data-driven decisions and be ready to adjust strategies when necessary. By closely monitoring and measuring success, you’ll continuously refine your marketing approach and achieve optimal outcomes.



The relationship you have with your agency is vital for your marketing to succeed. Just like any relationship, mutual effort will be required, and when the fit is “just right” it’s alchemy  – positive returns will be injected and multiplied into your business.

Getting the best results from your agency lands on a strategy-first, results-driven mindset, communication, collaboration, set expectations and accountability.

Above all, the best laneway to path the best results………………..is to be results focused in your marketing.

Too often businesses get lost in bells and whistles, rights vs wrong, and egocentric ornamental aesthetics that drain energy and wilter return on investment. Don’t let that be your business!

Put customer needs first and create marketing that connects you with your customers through value-driven marketing & design.

If you are curious to see if our Marketing Agency, Whisk Creative aligns with your needs book a free discovery session, and let’s ping-pong some ideas.

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