Coomealla Dairy

Brand strategy & marketing material - Research, strategy development, copywriting & graphic design.

About the brand:  Coomealla Dairy is a small scale dairy farm that produces high quality goats milk and soaps as well as artisan yogurts, cheeses and preserves. 

Scope of Work:  Refresh of the existing logo, crafting brand messaging and creating a range of package designs and marketing material.

A brand evolution: 

 The process began with a consultation and an in-depth inquiry session to uncover their brands power, unique positioning along with their current state and ideal future state. Whisk creative then developed a strategy to help them achieve their marketing goals. 


The previous logo consisted of a goat that was followed through to the new logo. This ensured that it was still recognisable to existing customers. The goat was the iconic element of the brand so the decision was made to keep it and add some stylised grass lines. Once the company diversifies into other areas such as milking goats, a cafe and a function centre, the goat can be removed or changed and the brand be recongisable.


The stylised grass lines are a branding element that can be used throughout the packaging and marketing material. The lines represents the sustainable farming techniques used by the dairy  – rich soils, lush pastures and goats that are free to roam. Looking at the whole picture but starting from the ground up.


Australian Sustainable Farming.

The phrase “Australian Sustainable Farming” was then developed as an iconic brand element and facilitated throughout all marketing communications.


Australian Sustainable Farming practices at Coomealla Dairy include companion grazing, crop rotation, natural pest management, no GMO & minimal chemical use. 


Animal welfare is a high priority, the animals are given a great deal of care and affection. Penicillin is used only when necessary as opposed to organic practices where the animal is left to suffer a natural death.


Coomealla Dairy is 100% Australian owned this means money stays in our country and creates job opportunities for locals.

An important aspect of sustainable farming is that it is economically viable for farmers, farm workers, and others who are employed at the dairy. 


Sustainable farming encourages the resurgence of smaller family-run farms that strengthen the rural community which benefits everyone. Locals can come and visit the farm and grow an appreciation of where their dairy comes from and how it is produced. 


A Wholesome Farm Fresh Experience.

The purpose statement for Coomealla Dairy “A wholesome farm fresh experience” what then developed .

The core benefit of the company is providing Australians with a wholesome farm fresh experience, this goes hand in hand with Australian Sustainable Farming.


It’s not just a product it’s a wholesome experience – eating a product and knowing the story behind it.
Knowing the animals are treated with respect in exchange for high quality milk. Being able to visit the farm and meet the animals, the farmers, the cheese makers, the family.


Experiencing the connection between food and how, when, what where and why it was made – A much more wholesome experience that buying a product in fancy packaging from a supermarket without realising the factory farming cruelty behind it.

All Coomealla Dairy product is crafted using little to no artificial additives, preservatives or other nasties. Everything is made with good intentions of being a healthy and wholesome natural product.


People can appreciate paying a little bit more, knowing it’s a healthy natural product as well as appreciating the value of a small-scale family run farm in the community. That farm fresh paddock to platter experience that is good to the health of the people, the land, the animals and the economy.

A hope that our children and generations to come have the same privilege of wholesome farm fresh experiences.



This leads us to the vision for the company:

To be a sustainable dairy farm that is good for the animals, the community and the local economy.




The packaging was designed to be minimal and clean. It clearly communicated what the product is and the benefits to the consumer. 


We chose to work with Coomealla Dairy because we are passionate about small scale sustainable farming that are respectful to animals. The clients gave us free rein with our projects. We really appreciate that as it allows us to work at our full potential and go above and beyond.

 It is always a pleasure to illuminate, activate and deliver marketing solutions when we know the impact in the community is a positive one.