Creating content for your new website design

Creating Content for a website

Embarking on the creation of a new website is a process that requires collaboration to ensure that the end product effectively communicates your brand’s message and achieves set goals. To facilitate this process, it’s essential to understand what information to provide for the content on your website.

The Importance of Mood Boards for Marketing Projects

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Starting a marketing project with an agency requires planning, creativity, and a good grasp of what your brand stands for and aims to achieve.  Whether you’re kicking off a new campaign, rebranding, or undergoing any marketing, making a mood board alongside detailed briefs with your agency is crucial to ensure the end result aligns with your desires. Understanding […]

Value-Based Marketing: The Key to Authentic Customer Connections

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Everywhere you look, businesses are getting drowned out by all the loud sales pitches and endless price battles. But, guess what? But there’s a smarter way forward: value-based marketing. It’s all about genuinely connecting with your customers and building meaningful relationships, rather than just selling to them. Let’s dive into what value-based marketing is and […]

Connecting with Gen Z: Authentic Strategies for Business Success

Marketing Customer Research

Business owners, take note: Gen Z peeps are your future employees, co-workers, and consumers. To stay relevant, you must adapt to their preferences, or risk becoming obsolete.   They are the “keep it real” generation, who value authenticity over corporate fluff. Concise messaging over flowery sentences.   Understanding who they are and what they want […]

Cohesive Marketing – Does your marketing play nicely together?

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Imagine your marketing efforts as a symphony orchestra, each instrument playing its part in perfect harmony. The conductor guides them with a well-defined strategy, ensuring there’s no discord or confusion. The result? A melodic masterpiece that captivates your audience with its clear, authentic communication. Now, I know what you might be thinking. Does consistency in […]

How to work with a Marketing Agency and get the best results

Marketing relationships

When you work with a Marketing Agency, they want results as much as you do. So how do you collaborate and get the best results from your Marketing Agency?   To help you build a solid foundation to ignite magic with your marketing agency, we have put together a few tips:   1. Choose the […]

Purpose-led brands are built to last.

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Your purpose statement articulates why you do what you do. The thread of momentum that drives you beyond making money. If your business was to cease tomorrow, it’s the legacy you leave behind. If you think it’s wishy-washy marketing fluff, think again. Purpose matters deeply to people. Yes, we are in business to make money, […]

EMPATHY – a powerful marketing and business tool to innovate & create.

Brainstorming ideas marketing

As a designer, communicator and marketer, I have spent the past decade translating human needs and desires into workable marketing solutions. Incorporated into my work are design thinking practices, a five-stage framework – Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype and then Test. These stages are completed in iterations, in a non-linear process. It starts with empathy, which […]

Why hire a Marketing Consultant?

Marketing Consultant

With the multitude of marketing activities to choose from, are you unsure of how to get the most return from your marketing expenditure? Or do you struggle to find the time to oversee and execute the marketing activities you need? If so, this is where a Marketing Consultant takes the stage.  A skilled consultant can select marketing modules […]